SmartSub Value Events

Driving Profitable Action

Every utility organization has a unique set of operating challenges. For example, in some geographic regions, lightning is a major cause of system reliability problems. For other utilities, aging plant equipment and its time to failure is of chief concern. In cases like these, insights gained from non-operational data can shorten the time required to restore a circuit and more precisely predict when equipment will begin to experience performance problems. We call these actions "value events"—actions taken based on insights from the acquisition and analysis of data, which save the utility time and money.

SmartSub is designed to address each utility's specific set of value events. In some deployments, the primary value event has been as simple as the automated creation and e-mailing of fault reports. At other times, more complex data correlation and intelligent analysis are performed to determine when remote restoration is safe to perform. Value events often require integration with other utility IT systems, such as SCADA or asset management systems or require the acquisition of complex data from a new piece of plant equipment. DevSci overcomes many previously unsolved integration challenges, working with our clients to deliver true turnkey solutions.

Enabling Successful Utility Value Events

Value Event Diagram

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