Custom Development

A Springboard for Unique Solutions

SmartSub's modular architecture enables it to be rapidly and cost effectively customized to meet your utility's unique operating challenges or "value events." DevSci offers a variety of custom development services to optimize SmartSub to specific requirements, including:

Custom modules and reports

SmartSub's custom modules can perform specialized functions such as distribution feeder fault localization and intelligent projections of equipment failure. DevSci can also customize reports to present data and analysis in the format most suitable to your needs. With over a decade of experience in artificial intelligence based solutions, DevSci can develop unique, knowledge-based analysis functions that transform data into answers.

A Complete Solution

SmartSub is designed to be your enterprise platform for power information management. DevSci is committed to this vision and is ready to create turnkey solutions in cooperation with our partners, including data communications design and specialized integration with existing legacy systems.

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