SmartSub Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Based Analysis

SmartSub's automated data analysis is based on artificial intelligence, which embeds knowledge from industry power-quality experts. SmartSub stores industry-accepted analytical procedures as "smart objects," each designed to perform a specific function or analytical procedure. Some smart objects are simple, such as separating a waveform into its harmonic components. Others are complex, such as a capacitor signature analysis on a waveform, and incorporate sophisticated artificial intelligence, including fuzzy logic and neural networks. Applications link these smart objects together to address a wide variety of value events.

SmartSub's library of smart objects continues to grow, so that the SmartSub user truly has a staff of experts behind him.

SmartSub's analysis capabilities include:

Fault Analysis

SmartSub has the ability to extract fault and waveform data from a range of IEDs and performs automatic fault analysis on the resulting information. The analysis process can include correlation of data from multiple sources.

The following fault report is typical of what would be created and e-mailed within minutes after a fault. In this example the system detected a breaker restriking problem on Phase A, which caused a unique e-mail and fault report attachment to be automatically sent to the appropriate engineer. This analysis also included a correlation of lightning strikes within the time and vicinity of this circuit, which verified that lightning was indeed the cause of the fault, rather than just a prime candidate. Ancillary computations like breaker restriking can be easily done to meet the particular needs of the SmartSub user.

Fault Chart, Alarming and Reporting
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Power Quality Analysis

SmartSub quantifies and qualifies power events. Within minutes after detecting a power quality event, SmartSub completes a comprehensive, artificial intelligence based analysis to determine the severity of a disturbance, its origin and cause, the affected equipment, and an industry-recommended solution. The complete, easy-to-read report is delivered in PDF format for portability and ease of printing or in RTF format to be edited using any popular word-processing software.

Power Quality Analysis Report

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Waveform Analysis

SmartSub includes a powerful, interactive data analysis tool designed for engineers, which provides the ability to drill down and examine specific data points within a power quality event. This tool, SiteView, provides nearly unlimited capabilities to analyze energy and power waveform data, either locally or over the Internet.

SmartSub can upload waveform and fault records from many manufacturers' models of DFS, PQ meters, and relays as well as data in COMTRADE and PQ Dis file format. SmartSub can group such data into a "virtual" DFR display, combining data from multiple sources as if it came from a single device. In addition, SmartSub's import utilities allow customers to migrate archived waveform records into a consolidated relational database. SmartSub is a single software platform that replaces the multitude of platforms currently used by most utilities.

Waveform Analysis Report

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Energy Delivery Analysis

SmartSub provides a powerful set of tools to manage the energy delivered to your customers—whether they be co-ops, municipals, or large industrial and commercial companies. You may view near-real-time trends and comparisons of power usage, KVAR, KVA, power factor, harmonics, and any other power parameters that are collected by metering equipment or computed automatically by SmartSub. In addition, SmartSub's comprehensive rate schedule interface enables energy revenue to be analyzed and a complete energy bill to be generated. The system's meter aggregation feature supports multi-circuit analysis.

The energy cost comparison shows the difference between energy cost in the same node during two time periods or between two nodes during one period.

Energy Cost Comparison Chart

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