SmartSub Partner Program

Cooperative Solutions that Increase Customer Value

To increase the value of SmartSub and to provide more complete solutions to our customers, DevSci is committed to building strong relationships with world-class equipment manufacturers and solutions providers. The SmartSub partner program provides a comprehensive network of resources that meets the hardware and integration needs of power information management applications.

The SmartSub partner program is comprised of two program tracks: product partnerships and distribution and consulting partnerships. Product partners offer products that complement SmartSub, while distribution and consulting partners implement SmartSub and provide value-added services. Three levels of participation within each program track provide partners with different benefits, such as ongoing product device-driver compatibility and cooperative sales and cooperative marketing opportunities.

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SmartSub Product Partners Participation Level
Schneider Electric Level 2: Premier
Digital Scientific-BMI Level 1: Foundation
Electro Industries Level 1: Foundation
General Electric Level 1: Foundation
OSIsoft Level 1: Foundation
Power Measurement Level 1: Foundation
Rochester Instrument Systems (Ametek) Level 1: Foundation
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Level 1: Foundation
Vaisala Level 1: Foundation
SmartSub Distribution and Consulting Partners Participation Level
Cinergy Ventures Level 1: Referral
PowerCET Level 1: Referral
AK Resources Level 1: Referral

SmartSub Product Partners

SmartSub Distribution and Consulting Partners

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