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"Utilities Enhance Bottom Line by Leveraging Non-Operational Data" (Jan 2010)
"New technology is making non-operational data much easier and faster to use," said Bob Burnett, President of Fault Data Enterprises. "The key now is for utilities to trust it."
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"Non-Operational Data: The Untapped Value of Substation Automation" (Sept 2009)
"The Blackout of 2009 serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers utilities face when they do not recognize the subtle, early-warning signs of system weakness. Non-operational data has the power to reveal infrastructure flaws… before they cascade into catastrophic events."
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AREVA T&D Partners With Development Science to Deliver Advanced Substation Automation Solutions
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First Web-Enabled System for Single-Point Power Quality Monitoring
DevSci announces investment from Cinergy Ventures

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