Advancing Substation Automation

SmartSub from Development Science (DevSci) takes substation automation to the next level by leveraging critical, yet untapped fault, event, and disturbance data. The software system's automated collection, correlation, and intelligent analysis of "non-operational" data yield immediate insights on which utilities can take action to save time and money.

How can your utility benefit from SmartSub?

non-operational data n 1: complex, routinely unused substation data, such as records of faults, voltage disturbances, power grid fluctuations, equipment condition status, and environmental factors like lightning 2: All substation data other than the real-time, "operational" status of transmission and distribution systems

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from Utility Automation & Engineering/T&D

"Utilities Enhance Bottom Line by Leveraging Non-Operational Data" (Jan 2010)
"New technology is making non-operational data much easier and faster to use," said Bob Burnett, President of Fault Data Enterprises. "The key now is for utilities to trust it."
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"Non-Operational Data: The Untapped Value of Substation Automation" (Sept 2009)
"The Blackout of 2009 serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers utilities face when they do not recognize the subtle, early-warning signs of system weakness. Non-operational data has the power to reveal infrastructure flaws… before they cascade into catastrophic events."
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June 29, 2010: AREVA T&D Partners With Development Science to Deliver Advanced Substation Automation Solutions